Mercedes-Benz Gelaendewagen wheels

Well, the first years from 1979 to 1990 were pretty easy - Mercedes offered in addition to the strong steel wheel as only option a 7J x 15 H2 aluminum wheel. That left plenty of room for manufacturers of custom wheels. But the Mercedes "G" was sold in such smallish numbers that there was not much business for "G" custom wheels. I think, only the BBS "honeycomb" (above image second from left, and #28 on the next page) and the CW star wheel (far left, top left) were the only ones sold in high enough numbers that you would recognize them on the street.
My personal favorite is the ultra expensive BBS competition wheel
(bottom row far right, #12 next page)

With the introduction of the 461 and especially the 463 things changed dramatically - Mercedes introduced new wheel options every other year. In fact so many different ones, that it is hard to keep track. Custom wheels for the "G" are hard to come by or outrageously expensive (Brabus). Hopefully with the growth of popularity of the "G" in the USA a few entrepeneurs will be brave enough to offer some reasonable custom wheels.

In addition to wheels specifically offered for the G a small number of other manufacturer's wheels will fit as well - they have the same bolt pattern of 5/130 and ball seats (some have a different center bore - so be careful): Porsche, Pinzgauer, MB Sprinter van, Dodge Sprinter van, VW LT.

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