Traffic jams on the Rubicon Trail?

I used to have a calendar of events on the Rubicon Trail in this place for a few years - basic idea was to let you know when to expect a very crowded trail and plan your trip accordingly.

But the Rubicon doesn't really see that much traffic that such calendar would be needed. However, there are two official trail closures that you will need to consider. The last weekend in July and the first weekend in August are traditionally reserved for the Jeepers Jamboree (7/22 - 7/25) and Jeep Jamboree (7/30 - 8/1) - and trail closure means that the Rubicon Trail is closed to public access by county ordinance. Ignore it and you'll end up with a stiff ticket. 2 Sheriff deputies will be on the trail.

Also, the 4th of July weekend is usually a time when you want to be somewhere else - unless you enjoy watching hundreds of yahoos working hard on breaking their rigs. It has some entertainment value to it though. Needles to say that the trail suffers as much as the trucks. But it is a free country - isn't it?

If you plan on visiting the Rubicon Trail over a weekend avoid camping at Spider Lake. It is the most crowded and it is the dirtiest place along the trail.

Who is killing the Rubicon?

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