Rubicon Trail events

Here is all the necessary information about my Rubicon Trail events:


"first-timers" itinerary 2007 available dates fine print 
vehicles provided  F A Q  what you need to bring
how to get to Georgetown   how to locate Hilltop Motel
 How is the weather? happy customers  Jeepers Jamboree
Prep CD updates airport pickup  Sisters Coffee?
Gatekeeper video who is this Pietschmann guy?

A CD with trip information, driving tips and Rubicon slide show is available upon request - send me an e-mail.

Where the heck is the Rubicon Trail?


Call or e-mail me if you have additional questions:
 During Rubicon season (late June to early September) I can only be reached from Thursday night to Sunday night - Monday through Thursday I am with a group in the trail).
October to May I am at my training facility in La Paz, Mexico - most reliable way to contact me there is per e-mail.


Phone: 530-333 2696

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