Q: "I have only little 4WD experience - is the Rubicon Trail the right adventure for me?"

A: Even though the Rubicon Trail is one of the most difficult trails in the US - novices will do just fine. I am convinced, I could even guide a blind man behind the wheel over the trail. I lead all events personally and I will show you everything you need to learn to successfully and safely drive the Rubicon Trail.


Q: How difficult is it really?

A: Very, as in V E R Y .

Q: Are there any wild (as in dangerous) animals out there?

A : Nope!

Q : How is the weather?

A: Sunshine! Sunshine! Sunshine!

Day temperatures will be in the mid 70s to low 80s, nights are in the 50s and 60s.


Q: Will we have rain ?

A: Very unlikely, but not impossible. We will be at around 6,000ft and summer thunderstorms could develop. So better be prepared.


Q: What do you need to bring?

A: Not much - I provide pretty much everything you need.


Q: What is the difference between the Rubicon for first-timers and the 4X4 Driving Expert Seminar?

A : For both events, Rubicon for first-timers and Expert 4x4 Driving Seminar, we will be driving on the Rubicon Trail.

The main difference is that during "first-timers" I will give participants just enough information and support to successfully drive the Rubicon (with other words: "first-timers" is an exciting and extreme adventure behind the wheel of a 4x4) - during the expert seminar however, focus is not so much on adventure as on learning every detail of traction control and making a 4x4 vehicle perform. I will carry a white board for "classroom sessions" on the trail, students will receive a detailed handout and during the drive on the trail I will cover every aspect imaginable about four wheeling (with other words: a traction management seminar).

Though not as detailed , the "first-timers" event is excellent for learning as well, since it gives you a good basic understanding and all you need to do is ask more questions and I will share my knowledge with you.

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