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Drive the RUBICON TRAIL 2013

 The Rubicon Trail is the world's most famous of all tough off-road trails. It is not the toughest in the world - not even the toughest in the US, but it still takes at least two days even for experienced four wheelers to drive all 12 miles of the Rubicon Trail

Driving the Rubicon is a dream come true for many four wheelers - but does it make sense to drive or ship your own truck from Florida or France all the way to California for this dream? Even if you are willing to go through all the trouble to get your vehicle to California - do you really know what to expect? Did you know that the Rubicon eats 4x4 trucks for breakfast?

 Rent a 4x4 and don't worry about the damages? Well, no car rental place will allow you to take a vehicle on the king of all trails. If you do and damage the truck (I have seen only a few first time drivers who managed to escape the sheet metal eating rocks) they will make you pay every penny of the damage.

See a short movie of the Gate Keeper, the first obstacle of the trail.

  Here is my offer: I will hand you the keys to one of my strong four wheel drive trucks and you'll get to drive the Rubicon Trail in a small group with other adventure minded folks. I will personally assist you to master this wild trail. It'll be a stunning ride in a breathtaking mountain setting. I offer my events from mid June to mid September. Snow might still be present in late June and starting September the weather might become unstable.

You don't need any special skills or previous 4x4 experience - anyone can drive the Rubicon. Make sure you bring your family. This is not an all guys adventure - it is for the entire family to enjoy. Even babies below 1 year old have been on my trips. Please don't leave your kids at home.

Driving terrain that seems almost impassable is the main focus of my events - however, it is the magnificence of the High Sierra that will make all trips surely unforgettable. Pristine mountain lakes, towering pines, rustic camping with inspiring talks around the fire will leave a long lasting impression.

 Here are your choices for an adventure that suits your needs

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