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Jeepers Jamboree

Jeepers Jamboree is the grand daddy of all four wheeling events - established in 1953 it is still one of the most exciting runs a jeeper can participate in. It began as a Rotary Club effort o boost the economy of Georgetown/California and still continues to play a major role in Georgetown's business community. The Jeepers Jamboree is held annualy every last weekend (Thu., Fri., Sat., Sun.) in July with a drive from Georgetown to Rubicon Springs over the Rubicon Trail, followed by a couple of relaxing days at the Springs and a challenging drive over the remaining portion of the Rubicon Trail to lake Tahoe on Sunday. It is a must for any four wheeling enthusiast to participate at least once in the Jeepers Jamboree. This event is open to all four wheel drive vehicles - the Jeep Jamboree, a much younger event series held on the Rubicon Trail, is only open to owners of JEEP vehicles - always first weekend in August.

You would like to participate in the Jeepers Jamboree but don't have a suitable vehicle? No problem, I can help.

visit the official Jeepers Jamboree Inc. site or call 530 333 4771

please note: Jeep Jamboree (above) and Jeep Jamboree USA are two different companies with two different events!

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