Stock 4x4 on the Con 2008

Let's face it - the Rubicon Trail is a mean one.
Most everyone agrees you need at least big tires and low gears to make it through - to make it look easy.

But what about if you don't care about making it look easy? What if you don't want to jack up your truck and put monster mudders on it just to drive some frickin' ol stage coach road? Drive it anyway!

I'll help you save your face and your truck. Group size limited to 3 vehicles. Compare that to other group sizes of 10 vehicles - a limitation to guarantees you maximum assistance.

We'll do a Rubicon Trail trip with stock or close to stock 4x4. Not to prove it can be done - but to have a ball!

June 30
, 2008

The Rubicon can get crowded on weekends. Starting on Monday gives us a good headstart and a better choice of camp sites. I left my calendar open for Thursday and Friday - a safety cushion in case something goes wrong and we need extra time on our way out. You never know!

You sign up, pay your fee, we'll meet and I'll use every trick in the book to get you through. Unscathed. It'll be hard. Lots of work. Lots of sweat. To make sure we get it right, we need some extra time. 3 full days.

How much?
$880 per vehicle
(unlimited number of passengers)

Fee too high?
Well, look at it this way - I have guided people through the Rubicon since 1987. Every week. Never had a serious breakdown. Ever.
To assure you get maximum attention and all the help you need, the trips are limited to 3 vehicles. So, with my help you have a good chance to make it without breakdowns that could cost you many times as much as the trip fee. Plus you learn from the best.

Vehicle requirements?
if you want to bring it stock - bring it stock
absolutely NO running boards
larger tires
tow hooks
rocker panel protection
tow strap without metal hooks

What do you need to bring?
Good spirits
Good spirits
camping gear
food & drinks
FRS handheld family radio (channel 5, #29 code)

When and where to meet:
If you plan on spending the night of July 1 in Georgetown:
lets meeet at 7pm at the Chinese Restaurant
how to find Georgetown

if you prefer to meet on July 2 in the morning:
8 am sharp at the "Friends of the Rubicon" cabin at the trail head
how to get there

limited to 3 vehicles each trip

signed up:

This year the stock run is identical to the Rubicon Adventure Trip - please use that page to sign up.

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