6/26/99  Trip Report


Here is a full list of trail damage from our trip

Brad Silverberg (see also his pics)


Tom and Robert had to build a fan shroud for 2 of the older jeeps to keep them from overheating. Eric disabled the clutch interlock on my jeep so I could start it with the clutch out.

2 lower control arm mounting points had to be straightened and rewelded on Eric's and Jeff's rigs (a total of 4 damaged though).

Steering control arm on Mike Dixon's Toyota

Exhaust rewelded on Monica's Jeep.

Rear rack on a jeep broke off at a weld point. Had to be rewelded.

Driver's side rear axle and rear differential carrier (Dana 35c) on Eric's jeep. (Parts had to be flown in via helicopter).

Rear axle carrier for a model 20 for Monica's jeep. (Harold had to drive out and back to get the parts at Loon Lake).

Jeff's gas tank skid plate came loose.

1 External light taken by a tree on John's TLC.

John's bikini top shredded

On both Jeff's and Eric's rig, when fully articulated, the front tires hit the ARB bumper (and I just bobbed my 1.5" to try and prevent this...).

Slight panel ding on Mike's Toyota.

Eric's front ARB stopped working (probably electrical, but don't know yet), my rear ARB was damaged when the axle broke.

Jeff had a flat tire (sidewall) on the way out.

Monica lost a valve on a tire on the way out.

Engine idle problems with Roberts rig (he was able to fix it. Dirt in the carb.)

Brad's ARB switch had a short of some kind

Harold, Tom, Rob, et al., spent several hours the second day working on Lyman's steering box before we could leave camp.

Jeff right rear wheel is wobbly, and all 4 tires need replacing (shredded sidewalls)

Jeff bent the heck out of his spare carrier backing into a tree

Jeff: bolts pulled out of the frame on one of his Tomken rock rails, and it needs to be re-attached the electrical connection to Brad's ARB compressor was corroded (thanks to Seattle rain) and stopped working. We cleaned it all up and got it working again.

Jeff's tie rod is crunched and rubs against the front of the diff. it's anRE tie rod, which is super beefy, so much have taken a good hit.

Brad scraped a u-bracket holding the rear sway bar in place. nothing broken but should be replaced at some point.

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