September 11, 1999  field repair images

 The Big Sluice is one of the more challenging parts of the Rubicon Trail - especially uphill. Nobody would want to get stuck or even break down in Big Sluice.

I broke down late at night during an uphill run. Three of the upper studs holding the right steering arm in place were broken and the remaining fourth stud had pulled out and had left stripped threads behind. An absolute nightmare during daylight - horror at night.


A five hour field fix (including re-building a broken apart bearing) allowed me to limp to our Buck Island Lake camp.

 Luck was on my side w hen I met Chris and Ben Olson from BC ! Chris is a gifted welder and he was able to put the Premier Power Welder (installed my CJ 7) to perfect use. He also helped out with Ni rods to create a durable weld between the two cast parts.

Thank you Chris and Ben!

Chris Olson saved my day by professionally welding a steering arm.

Two strong beads keep the steering arm in it's place

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