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 The Rubicon Trail is becoming more and more popular among 4WD enthusiasts and with it's popularity arose a need for a source of information, like how to find the trail, what vehicle to bring, necessary permits, about local weather, events to join, hotels close by, good restaurants, gas stations, repair shops, parts houses, recommendations for equipment and much much more.

I tried to gather as much information about the Rubicon Trail and important things you need to know before heading out for the king of trails.

   Aside from four wheel drive related stuff I will also include many other things of interest like animals, flowers and trees that you'll enjoy watching while traveling on the Rubicon Trail.

If you have information that should be included here, please let me know - I would really appreciate your input.

Give me some time to update this project - I'll be on trail with groups most of the week, and after fixing my rigs over the weekend I don't have much time left to work on the this site.

Harald Pietschmann

Starting immediately; Sheriffs will patrol every day

 Trail Stuff

where is the darn trail?

need a map?

what permits are needed?
want books & videos?
how to get to Georgetown

Rubicon pictures

Jeep Jamboree
Jeepers Jamboree

Rubithon event

Rubicon closure?

help save the Rubicon

learn how to drive circles around your friends

Rubicon for first timers dates

 Local Sources

need a hotel?
need groceries?
any good restaurants?

where to get 4x4 parts

need gas?

need your 4x4 fixed?

how about a good coffee?
dirty clothes?
need your tires fixed?
need money?

local bars

Cool Rubicon T-shirts

 Good to know

how is the weather ?

how to deal with bears

Visit Uncle Tom's Cabin

what breaks most often?

Fire Danger

how to build a perfect 4x4

Rubicon Trail Trips

4WD questions ?

Improve your 4WD skills

contact me

Looking for something in particular?

Last updated: April 2, 2007

Rubicon Trail, America's most famous off road playground

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