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What you need to bring:

The vehicles are small and have to hold all sorts of expedition gear. Food, drinks, tools, camping gear, gas & water cans.
That's why I suggest you to bring only as much personal gear as you can fit in one duffel bag.
We have enough room for photo and/or video equipment, of course.
There is no room on the vehicles for suitcases - and to be honest, they do not go well with tent, sleeping bag and campfire.
All vehicles have bikini tops. The wind can be nippy at times (on the highway). Dust will be omnipresent on the trail.
List of things to bring:
1. Good humor
2. Good humor
3. Good humor
4. Shorts and long pants, which you wouldn't mind to get dirty. Because they will !!
5. T- shirts (5 or 6) and a sweat shirt which you wouldn't mind to get dirty. Because ...... (see above).
6. Supportive shoes like hiking boots. Teva sandals are acceptable, too.
7. Small first aid kit (Aspirin , Imodium).
8. Insect repellent. (make sure it has a minimum of 25% DEET)
9. Sun protection ( hat or cap & sunscreen lotion ).
10. Windbreaker and sweater (for cooler nights).
11. Towel, flashlight, lighter/matches
Weather: Lots of sunshine! Day temperatures will be in the mid 70s to low 80s, nights are in the 50s.Rain? Very unlikely, but not impossible. So better be prepared.

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