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 Watch out: Bears want your steaks !

Bears at Buck Island Lake

If you don't want to go hungry for a couple of days you will need to protect all you food from black bears.

I practically live on the trail - for 20 years I have been out there with groups every week from Monday through Thursday. Rarely ever did I see a bear - although I heard them every night. During all those years my camp at Rubicon Springs has been raided only three times. We have never been bothered at Loon, Spider or Buck - that has changed. In June 2001 bears had taken all our food in a camp at Buck Island Lake.
The summers of 2002 to 2005 had daily raids in camp sites along the entire trail and we had bear contact almost every week.This summer (2007) has been uneventful when it comes to bear encounters. Some of the bears are quite large (500 lbs) and are pretty scary when they start messing up your truck.
So, you will have to be extra careful with your food supplies. Good news: They don't take beer - yet!.

What to do when camping in bear country.

If you think bear encounters are scary -
check this picture from Africa

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