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 What parts will likely break ?

On-board welders can save your day

Pretty much every time I am out on the Rubicon I come across a broken down vehicle - at least one !
Could not help but notice that there are some common weak spots on each vehicle. To make sure my observations were accurate I checked with repair shops around the trail and they supported my notes.
So, here is what is most likely to break on your vehicle when you do the Rubicon Trail - and probably on any other rough trail:

"the only thing that does not break is the radiator cap"

drive line U-joints
front axle U-joints
locking hubs
rear axle shafts (especially with LockRight)
steering box
steering linkage
spring hanger
frame cracks
motor mounts


front axle U-joints
rear axle shafts


front axle Birfield joints
spindle/drum (pre 1975)
rear pinion


rear axle shafts (35C)
control arm brackets front

There many other things that break - and believe me, they will !
Let me know what you think breaks most often.

Here are two ways to keep your rig from breaking down

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How to upgrade your truck

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