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  Rubicon Trail closure?

Yup coming soon!

For now its only Spider Lake. What are we going to lose next?
No access for 4 months (summer 2004). No driving, no hiking, no camping, no swimming, no fishing. Signs are posted - fine is up to $5,000.
As of 2009 hiking, camping, swimming and fishing are permitted as long as you stay on public land - a good portion of the area is private, so please respect the posted signs.


Date: July 13, 2004

Contact: Jon Morgan, Director of Environmental Management, (530) 621-5300

Board of Supervisors Declares a State of Local Emergency

PLACERVILLE – The Board of Supervisors passed a resolution today
declaring that a State of Local Emergency exists in association with the use of
the Spider Lake – Little Sluice Area adjacent to the Rubicon Trail
, a popular
recreational trail located in the upper Sierra Nevada within El Dorado County.
A significant amount of human fecal waste has been deposited within this area
creating a health and safety threat to the users of the Rubicon Trail, and a health
and safety threat to adjacent lakes and streams, which in turn flow into the
American River Watershed. The unsanitary conditions of this area of the
Rubicon Trail have resulted in the degradation of an environmentally sensitive
area. Effective today the Spider Lake – Little Sluice Area will be closed for
recreational use for 120 days.
The closure will not affect the use of the Rubicon
Trail as a thoroughfare.

Update 2006: Spider Lake access is closed permanently. Private land owner and Forest Service alike have closed access for good. Please obey the posted signs. You can camp at the lake but can not drive there any longer.

So, what else does the government have in store for the Rubicon Trail? See the Master Plan.
A thread of trail closure is definitely present - however, Rubicon Trail Foundation is pretty active to turn things around. Follow the up to date discusssion about the Rubicon Trail use on

So, who is killing the Rubicon Trail?

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