Rubicon Trail or Rubicon Trial, Rubicon / McKinney Road to Tahoe, Jeepers Jamboree, Jeep Rubicon

 Make absolutely sure your camp fires are out!

Unattended smoldering campfire at Spider Lake 4 days after it had been used

Be careful with campfires out there - they are not allowed during fire season anyway. For the open season make sure you get a camp fire permit - or you'll get a ticket by the patrolling Sheriff.
I had to put out a fire at Spider Lake on 8-29-01. Somebody had used a campfire the weekend before and the fire had gone underground. Four days later it came back to the surface. This could have started a large fire - imagine how that would have accelerated plans to close the trail.

But maybe it is all a conspiracy - the Sierra Club sneaks in at night and starts fires to pin the blame on us. How mean! Looks like the Spotted Owl trick was not enough

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