So, you want to drive the Rubicon Trail?

Be aware: If you are off the center of the trail by more than 25 ft - you will get a stiff citation! Minimum $275!
You can still camp anywhere you want, but your vehicle needs to be parked within the 50 ft of the trail.
NEW: Rubicon rules and regulations (effective 8/18/2005)

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Rubicon trips and events for 2013

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where did the name Rubicon come from?

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Come visit the Rubicon Trail - America's wildest off-road and Jeep trail

Most likely you'll want to bring your own rig. Hopefully you kinda know what you are doing with your Jeep and don't break it out there.

Jeep rentals for the Rubicon?

If you need guidance to finish the Rubicon unscathed join a group of stock 4x4 owners.
Rubicon for stock 4x4

If you are hesitant to bring you own rig for a 4x4 adventure trip -
I'll give you one of my trucks

2013 event dates and tour schedule

Everything you need to know about the Rubicon Trail
To get answers in plain english about where to find the trail, who can use the Rubicon Trail, get gas, find a hotel, shop for more beer, get permits, find maps, locate parts, get your rig repaired, sign up for Jeep Jamboree or Jeepers Jamboree or have other questions.

Who is killing the Rubicon Trail ?

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