The rules have changed

Beginning immediately the Rubicon Trail will be patroled by several Sheriff deputies on quads and dirt bikes. On weekends a minimum of 4 officers will help to save the trail. Since the fourwheeling community was not able to deal with its freedom - someone had to step in. Too bad. But the writing was on the wall for years. During the week a minimum of 2 deputies will be out riding the trail

• No more unlicensed vehicles without a green sticker. Citations might be handed out right at the trail heads.
• No more alcohol on the trail while you drive (after all it is a county road). The fines will really hurt.
• No more leaving the trail to explore something new. The trail has been marked and leaving it will carry a stiff fine.
• No more shooting (finally!) - you might get arrested right on the spot.
• No more fires without a camp fire permit.
• No more anything - if the officers see a reason to write you a ticket, they probably will (don't forget, the government is short on money and the new rigs were expensive).

A good number of officers from several different agencies (Eldorado County Sheriff's Department, US Forest Service, Department of Fish & Game) swarmed the trail on Memorial weekend to demonstrate that no more breaches of law are tolerated. Good!

who is killing the Rubicon?

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