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Your safety and health

Aside from the safety precautions while driving there are a few other areas that need mentioning.

Please be extremely careful where you step when getting out of the vehicle - the vehicles are higher off the ground than you are used to and the ground is very uneven and slippery. Especially the fine sand on rocks will make you slide in no time.

When you walk around or go for an evening hike - watch every step. No need for twisted ankles or a helicopter rescue because you fell off a cliff.

Please drink plenty of water. The low humidity and high elevation can cause severe dehydration. We have plenty of water bottles with us - so drink one a day. Headaches are the first sign of dehydration.

There is absolutely no smoking while you are in one of the cars. When smoking outside be extremely careful where you put your ashes and buts.

A beer or two for lunch are OK - and we might have one during a break, but other than that you will have to have your daily requirement for alcohol after we make camp. Absolutely no hard liquors during the day - please!

If you get tired and have a hard time focussing - let me know. We'll either have someone else drive or put in more breaks.

Swimming in the lakes is wonderful. Early in the season the water is very cold. Make certain your body can take it. Please watch where you jump.