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Bob's Rubicon memories

2005 client video
(German Jeep dealer meets US Border Patrol agents in training)

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Studebaker taxi in Little Sluice

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Safety and health

happy clients 2002

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What have you gotten yourself into?

Would a sane person drive over this?

The material presented here is intended to make your Rubicon Trail experience as easy and memorable as possible.

The terrain is very different from what you usually drive on. The cars are different. The driving philosophy is different. The environment is different. Pretty much everything will be foreign for you. Relax! I'll be on your side to make the transition easy.

By nature my events are truly extreme adventures - and that's no sales pitch - they are very extreme. As extreme as it gets. It will be hard work for you. You will have to learn and adjust to many driving techniques foreign and new to you. You probably will fail a few times driving properly. Don't expect to be perfect right fom the start. You may get frustrated when you don't learn as quickly as you wish. But trust me, you'll get through it - You'll succeed. I am there for you - every foot of the trail. I will support your efforts as best as I can.

One thing you will definitely have to learn, if you don't already subscribe to it: Mechanical sympathy. Meaning, you will have to handle the vehicle you are driving as gently as possible. Rough handling will cause disproportionally high mechanical failures. In order to get home safely we should avoid break downs.

Another thing I would like to teach you - and that is to make the vehicle move as elegantly as possible. Be smooth. Take your time. No need to rush!

So, the following pages will introduce you to the vehicle's features, expert driving techniques and camping tips. Please read all pages to be well prepared.

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